Movie Review: The Pirate (God Loves Caviar), a Greek-Russian-English history movie from 2012!

"O Theos Agapaei To Haviar" or in the previous English title "God Loves Caviar" is Greek history movie about the Greek pirate legend  Varvakis. The movie was one of the official selections that debuted in "2012 Toronto Film Festival" In 2013 The Pirate was the highest grossing film in Greece. In Russia the movie was released as "Pirates of the Aegean Sea". In England the movie got re-released in 2015 as "The Pirate" but don't let the pirate title fool you, the movie is more about Varvakis life when he discovered caviar then his pirate life. Story: Ioannis Varvakis (Sebastian Koch) is an adventurous pirate, famous and loved by the Greeks, fared and hated by the Turks,  one day he get assigned by Count Lefentarios (Juan Diego...

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