Doctor Who complete reviews: State Of Decay

Bwa-ha-ha-haaaaahhh!!! Writing this review for State Of Decay in Autumn is highly appropriate, since October's traditionally linked with gothic chills and vampire thrills.

And State Of Decay is very much a thrill-a-minute gothic horror tale, which managed to both look to the old Hammer Horror movies for inspiration and pre-empt some of the future vampire TV programmes like Buffy, True Blood and Who's very own Vampires Of Venice. In fact, Vampires Of Venice could have learnt a trick or two here, since its 1980 stablemate is far more atmospheric and creepier. New director Peter Moffatt starts his Who career in cracking style, and adds a big dollop of gothic flavour to the script from returning fan favourite Terrance Dicks.

Behind the scenes though, Uncle Terrance's script had had quite a turbulent ride. It was originally commissioned as the Season 15 opener, at least until the BBC adaptation of Count Dracula aired. Now languishing in a dusty pile,

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