Brenda Starr is yesterday's news

The nosey Chicago redhead who's been getting in everyone's hair since 1940 and spawned four screen adaptations is to file her last story on January 2nd 2011. Tribune Media Services have announced that the syndicated strip about an enterprising female journalist has had its day, and is closing her 70-year stint in over 250 newspapers.

Starr is the third female comic-strip character to get axed in recent times, along with 'Annie' and 'Cathy'. The cancellation of the strip is apparently due to the demise of comics as a marketable presence in newspapers (and in the decline of newspapers in itself..?). Tribune Media Services marketing director

Jan Guszynski says: "In its current form, and given the number of newspapers it is in, we chose not to go forward."

One argument for the increasing irrelevance of a 'goil reporter' comic strip is the public perception that women now form a majority in the ranks of

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