"Don't Feed The Troll": Horror Film For The Internet Age

 New York based Insane-o-rama Production has released a new 18 minute horror short entitled "Don't Feed The Troll", currently available for free on the company's official website ( ). Written, directed and edited by Marc Fratto (Hell Fire, Zombies Anonymous), Don't Feed the Troll tells the story of a racist, misogynist internet troll (Gaetano Iacono) who begins getting stalked by a strange troll-like creature (Sonia Villani) in the woods outside his home. Writer Marc Fratto, on this very Nsfw film: "I wanted to make a movie about an internet troll forced to confront his own ugliness. And I wanted that ugliness to be raw and unfiltered, from racist slurs to rape threats. The film doesn't pull any punches and isn't for the easily...

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