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Berlinale 2017: In Times of Fading Light Review

Author: Stefan Pape

We’ve seen so many tales told from the perspective of those caught up in the devastation of the Second World War, but rarely do we then catch up with them later on in life, when you would presume that their fight has now been fought. These are the characters that make up Matti Geschonneck’s In Times of Fading Light, though the central, hardline communist is evidently never without another battle to engage in, for this tale is set in the very final days of East Germany, despite how ardently he believes the wall will never fall.

Set merely days before David Hasselhoff was dancing on the concrete to celebrate the tearing down of the wall that separated the residents of Berlin – it’s the 90th birthday of communist Wilhelm Powileit (Bruno Ganz) who still fervently believes in his idealistic, socialist values, albeit a fantasy that

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