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Interview: Jose Carlos Gomez Screens ‘Day 1’ at 2017 Beloit International Film Festival

Chicago – The success of a local Chicago filmmaker is always cause for notoriety, and writer/director Jose Carlos Gomez will present his film “Day 1” as part of the programming for the 2017 Beloit (Wisconsin) International Film Festival on Saturday, February 25th (for more information, click here). “Day 1” is a post-apocalyptic thriller, and features Chicago actors Walt Sloan and Harold Dennis.

In the vague aftermath of a societal breakdown after a world-destroying event, a lone man (Sloan) must keep walking a pre-determined path, ordered through an unseen shadow authority. With rumors of disease that causes individuals to immediately attack each other, human contact is to be avoided. The man comes upon a military checkpoint, which is controlled by the autocratic Captain Reynolds (Dennis). The fate of all will be determined through this encounter in a redefined new world.

Walt Sloan is Outside the Fence in ‘Day 1,’ Written & Directed by

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