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Exclusive Clip: Sidewalk Traffic, In the Arms of My Beloved

Snuggling on a sofa with his beloved, aspiring filmmaker Declan makes a decision that will change his life -- at least for now, but maybe forever. In our exclusive clip from the drama Sidewalk Traffic, new father Declan (Johnny Hopkins) decides to take on the role of a stay at home dad. His lady friend (Erin Darke), the mother of their child, points out that he's never even been alone with the infant, but Declan is not deterred. Here's the official synopsis: When Declan, a 30 year old husband and new father is squeezed out of a promotion, he finds himself wracked by internal crises, including career envy, bitterness over bad breaks and the still-lingering fallout from the suicide of his former creative partner. Searching...

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