Days of Our Lives Review: Another Unnecessary Death

Family has always been the backbone of Days of Our Lives.

No matter what crazy things were going on, the Hortons and the Bradys stuck together. Weddings and funerals were important, emotional centerpieces because they were a time for family members to celebrate or mourn together.

But when Julie's son David died, the funeral paid only lip service to either him or his family, instead serving as a backdrop for all sorts of other things that the writers apparently thought were more important than mourning David.

First, there was the pre-funeral nonsense.

Claire and Ciara fought over the fact that Claire wasn't dressed yet, but the real problem between them is they both love their roommate Theo.

Love triangles in which two women are so invested in the same man that they forget why they were even friends are incredibly cliche, uninteresting, and obnoxious.

Days has not one, but two such triangles,

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