‘The Mason Brothers’ Review

Stars: Keith Sutliff, Brandon Pearson, Micheal Ryan Whelan, Mathew Webb, Julien Cesario, Tim Park, Carlotta Montanari, Erica Souza, Steve Bethers, Pelé Kizy | Written and Directed by Keith Sutliff

It has been some time since I sat down to watch a good heist movie, so when I received The Mason Brothers and read things like “Inspired by films like The Untouchables and Reservoir Dogs,” well call me an old romantic for those films in particular but that comparison made me give this one a shot for sure.

I’m going to put something right on front street when it comes to this movie. When it says “Inspired by Reservoir Dogs” it Really means inspired by… However as my esteemed podcast co-host said “there are worse movies to be inspired by”.

The Mason Brothers is the story of a group of bank robbers who as you may imagine are also brothers. We

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