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Harry Hill is back! And he's showing aliens how funny humans can be

For his new quiz, Hill is creating a showreel to convince aliens that humankind is too hilarious to be destroyed – and he’s finally at his daft genius best again

Ahead of the launch of Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule, there seemed a risk that Harry Hill’s TV Burp – his multi Bafta-winning exercise in comic but lethal television criticism – might come to be seen as the only treatment that perfectly fitted the demented comic genius of the former NHS doctor who has taken shirt neck-sizes into previously uncharted territory.

Since Hill ended TV Burp, there has been a movie, a children’s show (Shark Infested Custard), a musical about Simon Cowell (I Can’t Sing!), comedy albums, books, and a stint as presenter of Stars in Their Eyes. In each of these projects, it remained intermittently clear that a strange genius was at work, but none of them

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