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Bruno Mattei’s The Other Hell (1981) Blu-ray Release Details

"Say your prayers" and witness the stylized carnage of Bruno Mattei's The Other Hell (1981), which will be available on Blu-ray courtesy of Severin Films on April 11th.

From Severin Films: “Note: This Listing Includes The Dark Waters Blu-ray Along With Our Limited Edition The Other Hell Inspired T-shirt Which Was Made In Collaboration With The Fine Folks Of Pallbearer Press.

Available on 04/11/2017

At the peak of his ‘80s excess, Italian sleaze maestro Bruno Mattei – using the alias ‘Stefan Oblowsky’ – stunned audiences with The Other Hell, a raging Nunsploitation shocker about a series of brutal murders in a depraved convent. And while his cinematic legacy may remain controversial, Mattei here delivers a surprisingly stylized yet undeniably blasphemous orgy of stabbings, stigmata, Satanism, sexual violence and graphic savagery that ranks among his very best. Franca Stoppi (The True Story Of The Nun Of Monza), Carlo De Mejo (Women’S Prison

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