Composer Benjamin Wallfisch Talks Composing Scores For Hidden Figures, A Cure For Wellness And Bitter Harvest

Musician Benjamin Wallfisch is redefining the way audiences hear the sounds and feelings of movie music.

His recent scores are Desert Dancer, Hidden Figures, A Cure For Wellness, Lights Out as well as upcoming films Annabelle 2 and Bitter Harvest, so understandably it’s been a busy time over the past few years for the British film composer.

Recently Wallfisch spoke about the elements of composing and the opportunity to tell stories through his music.

Coming from a family of musicians, and classically trained at the Royal Academy of Music, Wallfisch says it was a happy accident that he discovered the sounds that have been instrumental when composing scores. “I’d spend hours examining this fascinating sound and would experiment with it, while exploring other avenues as I was learning the craft and creating electronic sounds.” What sustained him through his years of schooling and training was his love of storytelling.

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