Taken: how does the TV series measure up so far?

Craig Thomas Mar 7, 2017

Were we, ahem, taken by Amazon Prime's new TV version of the Liam Neeson action franchise?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2008, you’ll all know about Taken. If anyone wants to point to the starting point of the so-called “geriaction” genre that has been nearly omnipresent for the last decade, they could do much worse than to start here. It was also the film that made Liam Neeson the brilliant but unlikely action star he remains to this day.

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In Taken, Neeson plays Bryan Mills, the former CIA operative with a special set of skills who is in a fight against time (and the entire population of Albania, apparently) to rescue his kidnapped daughter before she disappears forever. It was an unexpected and profitable hit.

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