‘Devil In The Dark’ Review

Sibling rivalry is something I know very little about. See, I’m an only child, and so my exposure to this has been vicariously through others and by what film an TV has provided me with. I “get it,” but I don’t get it, y’know? It’s not Lost on me, it’s just not natural. Devil in the Dark is all about brotherhood and that rivalry, childhood trauma, daddy issues, and dear hunting. And an albino monster, that too.

Adam (Robin Dunne) is returning to his hometown after a long absence, in order to rekindle his relationship with his brother Clint (Dan Payne). They went on hunts with their father when they were kids, so the plan is to revisit. They leave Clint’s wife Sophie (Briana Buckmaster) and their kids, and set out into the woods. Ominously, it was warned that the last known person who

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