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Ray Winstone Leads a Story of Survival in Restoration Trailer for Alan Clarke’s ‘Scum’

Alan Clarke‘s little-seen prison drama Scum has already been available on Blu-ray via Kino Lorber for a few years now, but they’ll finally be giving the 2K restoration a theatrical run later this year, and with this news comes a inventive new trailer. Playing with the film’s Banned label, the trailer features only stills from Scum — some tantalizing or provocative — and reviews from critics, read aloud by the hard-bit narrator.

Starring a young and spry Ray Winstone, Scum tells the story of life in a brutal British prison, where there’s no easy way out. While it seemingly had clause for a ban in the 70’s, what is perhaps most interesting is if it still contains shock value in today’s climate. See the trailer below, with a nod to

A landmark expose of Britain’s violent reform schools, Alan Clarke’s Scum is a controversial shock to the system.

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