Home Entertainment: ‘Doctor Strange’ Blu-ray review

Doctor Strange Blu-ray review: Marvel’s latest finally reaches the home formats.

Doctor Strange Blu-ray review by Ben Read, March 2017.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is at the top of its game. In a time where Thor, Star-Lord, and even Ant-Man are now household names, it appears that the superhero powerhouse is seemingly unstoppable. Now, before another adventure with the Guardians later this year, Marvel have returned to make audiences believe in magic, sorcery, and an American Benedict Cumberbatch. Do they succeed?

Thankfully, yes (mostly). After introducing viewers to Asgard, the vast reaches of space, and the Quantum Realm, Doctor Strange brings us the mystical side of the Marvel Universe. Clearly Strange is taken from the D-list of Marvel’s library, with very few costumed characters left to adapt for the big screen. This explains the casting of fan-favourite Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, rather than the usual tactic of creating an A-lister from an unknown.

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