‘Helga: She Wolf of Stilberg’ DVD Review (Maison Rouge)

Stars: Patrizia Gori, Malisa Longo, Richard Allan, Dominique Aveline, Alban Ceray, Jacques Marbeuf, Jean Cherlian, Claude Janna, Olivier Mathot, Carmelo Petix | Written by H.L. Rostaine | Directed by Patrice Rohmm

Initially in charge of propaganda within an oppressive South African government, Helga (Malisa Longo) is demoted to being in charge of looking after a group of recently captured rebel female prisoners. She rules Chateau Stilberg with an iron fist whilst having an insatiable appetite for both prisoners and soldiers alike. Unfortunately for her, not all the prisoners want to play along and this naturally frustrates Helga on a regular basis. One of the prisoners under her watchful eye is the spunky and feisty Elisabeth Vogel (Patrizia Gori), daughter of a leftist lawyer who is seemingly the government’s biggest enemy and prime target. When Helga discovers this, she naturally intends to use young Elisabeth as bait, but eventually starts to fall for her.

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