What a Little Moonlight Can Do

Since seeing Moonlight a few weekends back, I haven’t been able to get it out my head. Its delicate humanism; James Laxton’s hauntingly intimate photography; the brilliant performances of the cast; Barry Jenkins’ masterful direction—this has all stayed with me since I reluctantly walked left the theatre on that balmy Saturday afternoon. The ushers had politely made their presence known as soon as the end credits began, but I was not ready to leave the cinema just yet—I wanted to reflect on what I’d just seen, on how the relationship between Chiron and Kevin may have further evolved. And I wanted to listen closely to Nicholas Britell’s lush“End Credits Suite” as it played out the film’s closing credits. For Moonlight Britell wrote music for a small chamber orchestra that he felt would complement what he describes as the “poetry” of the tender images on screen.

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