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Blu-ray Review: Slumber Party Massacre II and III Double Feature

Nearly three years after releasing the original Slumber Party Massacre as a special edition Blu-ray, Scream Factory has finally put a double feature disc of its two sequels: 1987’s Slumber Party Massacre II and 1990’s Slumber Party Massacre III. It’s something of a good news/bad news situation.

The good news is that Slumber Party Massacre II is really crazy and really fun. The bad news is that part 3 is not. Picking up the subversive campiness of where Amy Holden Jones’ original left off, Slumber Party Massacre II writer/director Deborah Brock dials up the weirdness and adds an abstract, hallucinatory bent to the first sequel. It’s bigger and stranger, more colorful and experimental; I’m reminded of the leap from Prom Night to Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, except that the original Slumber Party Massacre is a better movie than Prom Night.

Crystal Bernard (TV’s Wings) plays Courtney,

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