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Liz Doran preps Matchbox series, feature 'Bondi Beach Breakfast Club'

Liz Doran.

Screenwriter Liz Doran has written for The Secret Life of Us, McLeod.s Daughters, Miss Fisher.s Murder Mysteries, Dance Academy and Please Like Me.

She speaks to Jackie Keast about Gender Matters and upcoming projects..

How did you get your start as a writer?

Well, I did it the classic long way of making sure I was an expert before I put myself forward (laughs). I left school in the early 90s and actually trained as a film editor, but I always only ever wanted to be a writer. After I finished film school I did the usual thing: I applied for a lot of development [funding] for early drafts and I tried to get Screen Nsw funding for things. I was quite lucky; there was a funding round through the F.T.O., the precursor to Screen Nsw, and they funded development on a series of 50-minute scripts.

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