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Pig Review [SXSW 2017]

Every so often, a movie comes along that words cannot serviceably justify. When you’re a horror degenerate like myself, that “so often” timeframe is a little more frequent. Adam Mason’s Pig is one such title; a despicable, mean-spirited, tragically pointless torture bomb. So sickening that it’s been hidden since 2010 without release, minus a live world premiere on website Bloody Disgusting. Pig: The Final Screenings read new promotional materials, because it’s set to be destroyed after South by Southwest 2017. At least I can say “I’ve seen Pig!” when horror buffs discuss lost movies years from now? Whatever that’s worth.

Mason ties his camera to leading man/co-writer Andrew Howard, who stars as a backwoods lunatic with perverse day plans. On his trailer plot are four captives, all in different locations. When he returns from bashing one’s skull in (the film’s opening sequence

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