Fargo Season 3: New Cast Spotlight Video Revealed

One of the many, many great joys to be found in FX's Fargo anthology series is seeing legendary character actors, such Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman, gleefully interpreting their roles and challenging audience expectations. IndieWire just posted a series of new cast images and a promo video for Fargo Season 3, and it looks just amazing.

To-date FX has employed diversion and deception in their promos for this season's plot, but we're getting a slightly sharper look at several of the primary characters. According to FX, Fargo Season 3 is set in 2010 and focuses on the Stussy brothers, Emmit and Ray (both played by actor Ewan McGregor). Emmit is the slick and debonair "Parking Lot King of Minnesota," while Ray's Parole Officer is, well, not quite so accomplished. What makes these particular roles so intriguing is that McGregor is playing both at different ages, wherein Emmit is the older brother by several years.

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