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Mantra Is An Impressive Look At Flawed People – Subhash K Jha review

Starring Rajat Kapoor, Lushin Dubey, Kalki Koechlin, Shiv Pandit, Rohan Joshi

Written & Directed by Nicholas Kharkongor

There is sequence in thus intelligently and sensitively scripted if somewhat choppily executed drama on the fall-out of foreign investment in the Indian economy during the 1990s, where a near-bankrupt entrepreneur Kapil Kapoor, Kk to friends, played by the ever-empathetic Rajat Kapoor, abandons his chauffeur and car on a Delhi highway and hitches a ride with a truck driver.

“Saab, what do you do?” the trucker asks chattily.

“I make blue films,” says the entrepreneur with a straight face.

“You mean people doing it in front of you?” the trucker (played with gusto by Shantanu Anam) is amused and incredulous.

“Yes, and sometimes I’ve to show them what to do,”smirk-sighs the entrepreneur as only Rajat Kapoor knows how.

This is one of the many memorable chance encounters that the script instils into

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