The Void Review

When practical effects drive a film’s talking points, I pause. Gruesome monster designs and caved-in prosthetics merely supplement story, yet a film like Harbinger Down piles all its eggs into one blood-soaked basket. Fans yearn for realistic SFX, and filmmakers always aim to dethrone The Thing‘s bar-setting kingship. But at what cost? Take Astron-6’s The Void. Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski create Lovecraftian hellbeasts from synthetic molding, yet a cultist presence could have used more fleshing out. Bodies splatter, character structures crumble and visuals outweigh storytelling.

Good thing the ratio of destruction:emptiness airs on the side of insanity.

In this Assault On Precinct 13 meets The Beyond smashup, police officer Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) walks into the wrong hospital. Given his bloodied passenger, he doesn’t have much of a choice – but white-hooded strangers who lurk outside aren’t noticed until far too late. Carter, Dr. Richard

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