In Dreams I Walk With You: The Music of Blue Velvet

David Lynch proved himself as a master of film music in his 1986 feature.

“Every note of music has enough breath to carry you away, and as a director, all you have to do is let the right wind blow at the right time” — David Lynch

Sound and music are incredibly important in David Lynch’s films. From Eraserhead (1977) on, Lynch has shown his talent for creating creepy and dreamy soundscapes, which include music and dialogue as well as diegetic and non-diegetic sound effects. Perhaps Lynch’s most popular film, Blue Velvet (1986) perfectly blends together pop music, original score, and Lynchian sound effects. Blue Velvet is especially rich with beautiful music that both comments on and runs counter to the images onscreen. This was the first film in which Lynch focused on both original score/sound effects and pre-existing pop music.

David Lynch is never completely serious or completely joking — he is always both at the same time

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