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‘True Detective’ Isn’t Back Yet, But When It is, David Milch is Coming with It.

The ‘Deadwood’ creator comes aboard a potential third season.

It’s been a long, strange trip to be sure, and we’re not exactly there yet, but it would seem that the dark spot of gritty storytelling on the horizon could just be the long-awaited and thought-ill-fated third season of the HBO series True Detective.

Following abysmal second season ratings and response, Nic Pizzolatto’s crime-centric character study seemed destined for the televisual graveyard. Since season two bowed, there’s been no word either way as to the fate of True Detective, it’s just been sitting there in our cultural cloud, suspended in network ether. Most folks, myself included, have considered the show dead for at least a year of its two-year hiatus; Pizzolatto signing an additional development deal with HBO in 2016 seemed to be the final nail in the coffin, but then out of pretty much nowhere EW today dropped a pair of exclusive bombshells

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