Exclusive interview with actor and writer Tom Malloy

Tai Freligh chats with actor and writer Tom Malloy

A critically acclaimed and award winning actor, Tom initially wowed Hollywood with his stunning turn in the indie-cult favorite Gravesend in 1998, which was produced by Oliver Stone. Tom is currently starring with comedian Scott Baker in the Amazon improv cop comedy Midtown (initially premiering at the La Comedy Festival, the show is now in its 2nd season). Most recent films include #Screamers, Shattered, Hero Of The Underworld and Fair Haven. Malloy is also a comedian, published author and motivational speaker. He took time out of his schedule to talk to Tai Freligh about his latest projects.

Tell me about Fair Haven, which is in limited release this month and on Showtime in June?

Fair Haven is this beautiful Lgbt film that was directed by Kristen Karlhuber, who was a film student that I was mentoring at the time she brought the

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