Movie Poster of the Week: "Mädchen in Uniform" and the film posters of the Weimar Republic

There is a terrific little movie poster exhibition on view right now at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, running in conjunction with the Film Department’s essential retrospective Weimar Cinema, 1919-1933: Daydreams and Nightmares. Curated by Ron Magliozzi, the exhibition “attests to the German film industry’s distinguished application of design and graphics to the promotion of the medium in the period.”

The highlight of the exhibition for me is this stunning 10 foot tall poster for Leontine Sagan’s 1931 Mädchen in Uniform, designed by Austrian artist Emmerich Weninger [1907-77], who is also known for a similarly skyscraper dimensioned poster for Greta Garbo in The Painted Veil. The exhibition has some familiar posters for Weimar classics like M, Berlin Symphony of a Great City, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and The Last Laugh, but it's a blast to see the originals (the Metropolis alone must be worth a small

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