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The Russians are Coming / Career

Another offering of vintage East German pictures gives us all the pieces of a cinematic puzzle: Heiner Carow’s 1968 memory- movie of traumatic experiences in WW2 displeased the Communist authorities and was shelved… only to be cannibalized as a back-story for a new 1970 release aimed as a dig at West German values. It’s a fascinating comparison — an ideologically-challenged art film becomes a piece of well-produced propaganda.

The Russians Are Coming & Career


Defa Film Library

B&W / 2:35 widescreen / Street Date April, 2017 / available through Defa Film Library /

Cinematography: Jürgen Brauer

Film Editor: Evelyn Carow

Original Music: Peter Gotthardt, Dietrich Kittner

Written by Heiner Carow, Herman Herlinghaus, Claus Küchenmeister inspired by the short story Die Anzeige by Egon Richter

Produced by Defa

Directed by Heiner Carow

Defa, or Deutsche Film-Aktiengesellschaft was the film producing arm of the former Communist East German regime, that ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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