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Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? Review

Author: Guest

Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?, simply, is a film that gives a new definition to the power of cinema. Ride through this cliché with me for a moment, for when people usually say ‘the power of cinema’, they mean being overwhelmed purely by the visual; the opening scene of La La Land or the space tunnel in 2001.

In contrast, this film, directed by Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann & Alexander Bodin Saphir – is the story of an Israeli man, his nation, his sexuality, and his choir, wears cinema like a suit of armour. The presence of the cameras gives Saar the courage to confront his parents, who threw him out his kibbutz as a teenager, and the film’s best scenes show these confrontations, with his family boxed in by the camera’s lens and forced to answer to the way they’ve treated their son and their brother.

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