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Q&A: Artist Gary Gianni on Co-Writing & Illustrating Dark Horse’s Hellboy: Into The Silent Sea Graphic Novel

The demon with a good heart heads out on the open water this spring in Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea. To celebrate the graphic novel's April 19th release in comic book shops (followed by a May 2nd release in bookstores), Daily Dead was honored to catch up with artist Gary Gianni for our latest Q&A feature to discuss collaborating with Mike Mignola on Into the Silent Sea, what readers can expect from the unique Hellboy story, an upcoming release that should excite Prince Valiant fans, and much more.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us, Gary. How did you initially get involved with Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea?

Gary Gianni: Mike and I have spent 20 years discussing comics, movies and books. The notion of working on a comic together just sort of fell in place naturally.

What was it like working with Mike Mignola on this story?

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