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Richard Ridings interview: Daddy Pig from Peppa Pig

Brendon Connelly Apr 7, 2017

The voice of Daddy Pig, Richard Ridings, chats to us about the character, Terry Gilliam, Roger Rabbit and more..

Don't tell anyone under the age of nine, but Richard Ridings is the man who gives voice to Peppa's very own Daddy Pig. That's right, he's not a real pig.

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Ridings' is a beautifully well-judged performance; just one of a number on his varied resume. I was delighted to chat with him recently about the new Peppa Pig cinematic experience, while also making time to speak a little about Who Framed Roger Rabbit, his motion capture work with Andy Serkis and Ninja Theory and, best of all, the after-dinner exorcism of Terry Gilliam.

How much of a time commitment has it been for you, so far, for all of the Peppa Pig to date?

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