Pete Travis interview: City Of Tiny Lights, politics, Dredd

Simon Brew Apr 9, 2017

Director Pete Travis chats to us about City Of Tiny Lights, television, politics and Dred..

City Of Tiny Lights, starring Riz Ahmed and Billie Piper, is the latest film from director Pete Travis, known particularly in this parish for helming Dredd. We met up with him in London to chat about the movie, about politics, and about Dredd

I read an interview for City Of Tiny Lights where you were quoted as saying you wouldn’t make the film unless Riz Ahmed did it, and that he was the first choice for the lead role of Tommy. I can’t tell you the number of people I interview who say something like that and…

… mostly they’re lying when they say that!

Well, quite possibly!

There’s a rule about casting I learned a long time ago. The right person for the role is the person who

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