Andrew Marr webchat – your questions answered on Brexit, the BBC and the Beatles

The writer and broadcaster weighed in on everything from driverless cars and the odds of Scottish independence to his controversial interview with Marine Le Pen

1.57pm BST

Thanks to Marr for joining us, and thank you to everyone who posted questions.

Thanks for all the questions – I hope I've managed to answer a fair range of the topics that you've raised. However angry you are with me, try us again one Sunday morning, and don't forget, The History of Modern Britain - post-Brexit edition! Goodbye, and good luck.

1.56pm BST

Shanvaus asks:

Do you believe that the UK would gain from a significant push towards placing more economic power in the hands of the regions post-Brexit? Would an economic treaty incorporating Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in the EU but linked politically to the UK work?

Yes. I think London is grossly overheated and other parts of the country under-resourced and supported.

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