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Exclusive: The Sweet Life Clip - Sometimes You Just Can’t Pick Up A Hitchhiker

Life can be pretty tough. It has no allegiances, and it has absolutely no problem with sticking the most noble of folks with the most god-awful of circumstances. It seems content not just to sticking a sword in you, but pull it out, give a twist, and stick it right back in. There have been plenty of films that tackle the subject matter of a tough life, and in the new film, The Sweet Life, we'll be riding along with some folks who are done dealing with it..

The Sweet Life follows two wayward souls who create a suicide pact, agreeing to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge (one of the most popular suicide spots in the world) together. The two set off on a roadh trip from Chicago to California, and it follows their journey on the way there and all they obstacles they come across. This film is a dramedy,

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