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Our Friend Victoria review: a lovefest in honour of a silly, sweet and brilliant talent

You won’t learn much in this tribute to VictoriaWood, but you’ll chuckle and feel warm in that uniquely BBC way. Plus: Peter Kay’s Car Share, a direct descendant of her brand of comedy

‘Inspiring, funny, genius, unique.” So says Maxine Peake of Victoria Wood in Our Friend Victoria (BBC1, 9.30pm), the first of a six-part tribute to the great comedian, actress, pianist, singer, director, screenwriter, and owner of the coolest pudding bowl haircut in history (actually, are there any others?). It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since Vic – as everyone from Richard E Grant to Celia Imrie calls her – died at the age of 62. God, she was great. And God, things have fallen apart since we lost our friend from the north.

This is a lovefest in the time-honoured BBC tradition. Lots of fond, gentle and uncontroversial reminiscences trotted out by the usual suspects.

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