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Night shifts, no wine and irritable vowels: France's Grégory Fitoussi on the perils of acting abroad

He went from T-shirt seller to teenage pinup and now he’s a global star. As the political drama Spin returns, the actor talks about terror attacks, surviving without wine – and the words he can’t pronounce

Given that Grégory Fitoussi has now played major roles in two British shows, Mr Selfridge and Beowulf, has English dialogue become natural for the 40-year-old Parisian? “I wouldn’t say that,” he says with an apologetic grimace. “You’re going to figure out in this interview how difficult it is for me. Even though I’ve done it for years now, I have to work hard to be understood.”

What are the toughest English sounds? “Oh, there are so many, Sir! I remember one that I really had trouble to say on Mr Selfridge. It was mouth.” Mouth? “No, like a flame to a mouth?” Ah, moth? “Yes. Everyone was trying to help

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