Park Chan-wook interview: The Handmaiden, film critics

Ryan Lambie Apr 14, 2017

Eminent director Park Chan-wook talks to us about the themes in his new film, The Handmaiden, and lots and more...

One day, science will finally deliver us the electronic equivalent of a Babel fish: a little device you can put in your ear that will interpret and translate your words as they're spoken. That way, people from opposing planet will be able to hold fluid conversations despite speaking completely different languages.

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This sprang to mind as we sat down with Park Chan-wook, the Korean director of films as Oldboy, Stoker and I'm A Cyborg, But That's Ok. Despite the stunning mental agility of a translator, who renders my mumblings in to Korean and Director Park's responses into English, the back-and-forth is painfully slow. All of this explains why the interview below, despite lasting 20 minutes, only contains a

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