Rachel Bloom Delivers Hilarious Song About Female Authority Figures

2017-04-21T10:54:23-07:00Rachel Bloom Delivers Hilarious Song About Female Authority Figuresdata-reactid="198">

For years, wise and successful women have been urging their sisters not to be afraid of their own ambition—to be strong, to take control, to “lean in,” as Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg famously put it in her eponymous 2013 best-seller. (As perhaps the wisest woman of all once said: “I’m not bossy—I’m the boss.”)

Yet in practice, it’s not always easy to follow the advice of these strong, confident, famous women—especially if you’re, say, an anxious millennial who’s been socialized to care far too much about what other people think of you. Perhaps nobody knows that better than the multi-talented Rachel Bloom, who’s spent two seasons expertly skewering gender and social norms on the CW network’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend. (The Golden Globe-winning musical series is

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