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Video Game Review – Atomic Ghost Fleet

Shaun Munro reviews Atomic Ghost Fleet…

Alchemy’s Atomic Ghost Fleet meanwhile shifts the action to Bikini Atoll to examine the remnants of the 1946 Operation Crossroads nuclear tests performed there, which in turn transformed it into a World War II warship graveyard of sorts. This 18-minute documentary gets up close and personal with three warships, including the USS Saratoga, the largest ship sunk during the course of the tests.

There’s undeniable educational merit to this Vr doc, though it’s bogged down by many of the same issues that made Cocos: Shark Island so underwhelming, particularly the low video quality and that pesky screen tear seam, which produces significant sickness effects while exploring the ship interiors later on.

Moreover, it’s ultimately only halfway-interesting due to the slack pacing – even with such a short length – and lack of compelling coverage of the ships themselves. There are a lot of static,

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