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‘Elsa Fraulein SS’ DVD Review

Stars: Malisa Longo, Oliver Mathot, Patrizia Gori, Pamela Stanford, Claudine Beccarie, Erik Muller, Rudy Lenoir, Jean Le Boulbar, René Gaillard, Thierry Dufour| Written by Victor Hardia, Marius Lesoeur, Patrice Rhomm | Directed by Patrice Rhomm

As much as I adore exploitation cinema, I have to say that Nazisploitation is one of the least enjoyable branches in this crusty, inbred cinematic family tree. There are only a handful of titles I enjoy from the genre and yes, I think Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS is probably one of the most overrated pieces of exploitation cinema ever. I just find the genre to be lazy, repetitive and wide of the mark. Will Patrice Rhomm’s French offering – Elsa Fraulein SS – be one of the few exceptions? Unfortunately not.

So, the story is simple. Things aren’t going too well for the Third Reich. They’re getting a battering from Allied Forces causing

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