If You Liked 500 Days of Summer, You'll Love Justin Long's New Comedy

Image Source: Seamus Tierney Sometimes romantic comedies don't have a happy ending, and that's Ok. Perhaps that's what made 500 Days of Summer such a cult classic (that, along with the stellar cast and realist take on love). If you're still obsessed with the film after all these years, we have a recommendation we think you're going to appreciate: Literally, Right Before Aaron. After a tough breakup with his college sweetheart, Allison (Cobie Smulders), Adam (Justin Long) finds his world turned upside down when she calls him up out of the blue and reveals that she's engaged to another man. Even worse? She wants him to come to the wedding. Needless to say, the film, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, will break your heart and mend it all at the same time. We've gathered six similarities between Literally, Right Before Aaron and 500 Days of Summer that will convince you to

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