The slow death of Australian children’s TV drama

Ebonnie Masini and Rian McLean in 'Round the Twist' (1989), Australian Children's Television Foundation

Australian children.s TV may have recently picked up an Emmy Kids award for the Abcme animation Doodles, but otherwise kids. TV in this country is in a dire state.

Free-to-air TV networks have to commission certain amounts of children.s programs each year. But in recent years there.s been a dismaying lack of new live action shows, or recognisably Australian content. Instead, local children.s TV has become dominated by animation with little sense of place.

This is a shame, because Australia.s most fondly remembered children.s TV shows are live action productions such as Mortified, Playschool, Blue Water High, and Round the Twist. When asked in a 2015 survey to name their favourite childhood TV characters, most people chose Round the Twist siblings Linda and Bronson, followed by Mortified.s Taylor Fry.

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