Tribeca Review: ‘Copwatch’ is a Minor Post-Ferguson Documentary

There’s a moment late in Camilla Hall’s Copwatch when a rare officer of color from the Ferguson Police Department engages a group of copwatchers, a term used for local, autonomous groups who document policing activity and potential wrongdoing on the side of the law. He’s careful to discuss policies he’s not a fan of while hearing them out. Copwatch isn’t a permanent solution — one would hope with the rise of body cameras and community-based policing it wouldn’t have to be — but there is still unanswered questions regarding police tactics and use of force that supervisors and chiefs remain unwilling to be transparent about for one reason or another. Or, as former NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton used to say, “it looks awful, but it’s lawful.” The conversation that ends Copwatch is lively, even if the Copwatchers occasionally talk over themselves, which could be

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