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Exclusive: 'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Break Down Our 5 Most Anticipated Songs from the Musical Episode!

Once Upon a Time's musical episode is almost here!

For weeks, we've been teasing and tantalizing fans with details about the highly anticipated musical extravaganza that is headed to Storybrooke on Sunday, May 7 -- and now it's time to share the eight official song titles from the episode...

"Powerful Magic"

"The Queen Sings"

"Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance"

"Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine"

"Wicked Always Wins"

"Charmings vs. Evil Queen"

"Emma’s Theme"

"A Happy Beginning"

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Once Upon a Time's co-executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis confess to Et that bringing the musical episode to life from script to screen was a "really emotional" process for all involved.

"For us, we've been with them on this journey for 130-something episodes, so these moments where you're doing something new, it's exciting! It's really why you do it," Kitsis explains

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