Harry Potter Creator Is Sorry for Killing Snape

May 2 is an important date for fans of the Harry Potter franchise, be it the books or the movies. As many know, it is the date that the Battle of Hogwarts takes place, which makes today the anniversary of that very important and deadly event in the Harry Potter universe. This year, in honor of the event, author J.K. Rowling took some time to finally apologize for killing off one of the most important characters in Harry Potter; Severus Snape.

J.K. Rowling took to Twitter today in order to issue the formal and public apology for killing off Snape, both in the Harry Potter books and later in the movies. This is the first time she has apologized for killing off the fan-favorite character, which makes it a pretty big deal. Though, she did have a pretty light-hearted tone about the apology, while still understanding that fans will view it

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