The Fonz and Captain Kirk on tour! How VIP oldies took over TV

Forget the golden age of television – this is the silver age. And Henry Winkler and William Shatner are far from the only veteran stars boldly going wild for our viewing pleasure

At 71, Henry Winkler shows no signs of slowing down. The former Fonz is a tireless trans-media titan of content creation: acting, producing, racking up self-aware cameos in Adam Sandler movies and launching projects like Hank Zipzer, his semi-autobiographical series of books about a dyslexic schoolboy now adapted into a hit Cbbc series.

At this rate, you half expect Winkler to be fronting a gameshow where contestants are required to waterski over live sharks while wearing a cool leather jacket. But before that inevitable project gets the Fonzie thumbs-up, we must contend with the arrival of his reality travel doc Better Late Than Never. It’s another addition to the expanding genre of VIP pensioner shows headlined by veteran stars.

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