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Eiji Uchida’s “Love and Other Cults” highlights love in the world of misfits

The collaboration between Eiji Uchida and Third Window Films has proved quite fruitful, being in the process of even creating a specific style, which begun with “Lowlife Love” and continues with “Love and Other Cults”.

Ai is a girl who seems to get no break in her miserable life. Her father is nowhere to be found, and her mother is a religion fanatic, although not with a specific one, but with the concept of joining different cults constantly. Not interested in her daughter even a bit, she unburdens her into the hands of her latest cult. The girl manages to find some semblance of peace in that community, but this sentiment is shattered when the leader of the cult, a westerner named Lavi is arrested and the cult disbanded. Ai finds herself in school, where she does seem to fit a bit, although not for long Her odyssey to find someone to love her,

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