Drew Barrymore: "I Want to Be the Rock That Floats"

Drew Barrymore:

I enter through a grand wooden door of a mansion in Monterey, CA - we're talking Big Little Lies status with sweeping views of the Pacific in front of me. I'm there to interview Drew Barrymore, who is in the midst of an elaborate photo shoot for Barrymore Wines, a wine label she has developed in partnership with Carmel Road. She has just released the 2016 Monterey Rosé of Pinot Noir ($23), a wine I'll try while catching up with the ever-quotable actress. As I step into the foyer, Drew cuts across the room, half sandwich in hand to take her lunch break. She stops upon recognition and draws me in for a hug. "It's been a year," Drew sighs. "What a year it's been," I echo. Last April, we sat at a sunny window seat, sipped Rosé a little too early in the day, and discussed everything but her relationship status

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