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Take Me Review

Pat Healy’s Take Me is a wild card – but what else would you expect from a man whose performances are just as unpredictable? It’s a nifty little whodunnit that’s loads of fun, given how every action remains in question. Writer Mike Makowsky keeps details simple, but still finds a way to manipulate characters with the help of Healy’s vision. You’d expect something a little more tense, but oddly good-natured goofs represent tonal comfort. Frankly, this shouldn’t work. A who’s-playing-who “thriller” that bumbles along to an oboe score? Like a cartoon might? Consider this one a not-so-criminal anomaly.

Healy also stars as the film’s lead character, Ray Moody, who runs a business called Kidnap Solutions that simulates real-life kidnappings for paying customers. Why, you ask? As Ray describes, he loves helping people. Whether you’re trying to kick an eating habit or need the isolation,

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